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 At Hada, I want to transport you to a deep feeling of peace. This Zen space by the ocean will quickly become your favourite place to find yourself again. Holistic facials with deep massage release techniques, nurturing full body massage experiences, and Spa packages, all booked exclusively by appointment, ensuring my undivided attention.

  I specialize in searching for, learning, and delivering the most effective, non invasive anti aging protocols, for those that do not want the conventional, invasive options. I deeply believe there is so much more to offer with skincare treatments naturally, and I endeavor to deliver it to you in a gentle way, respective of the body and it's innate wisdom to heal, when given the environment it craves, to do so. By respecting the healing cycle and working with it holistically, we achieve powerful results together.  From my hands to your heart....



During the Buccal Facial massage technique (Sculptural Face Lifting), I felt an amazing rush of energy release throughout my body. I have never experienced that feeling of euphoria before during a treatment. 
Scott S.
Sculptural-buccal facial massage with medical gloves through the oral cavity. Rejuvenation
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