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Australian Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) is the richest source of Vitamin C of any known plant. Being Wild Harvested, the plums we use have exceptionally high levels of phyto-nutrients.



  • Reduces uneven skin tone, rough texture and improves general dullness to promote dewy skin
  • Protects against photo-aging
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and acne scars
  • Builds collagen and elastin which are naturally occurring protein fibers that help keep skin plump and firm
  • Inhibits dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. With continued use prevents new dark spots from forming and fades brown spots without altering normal skin pigmentation
  • As a powerful anti-oxidant it reduces cell death and cell injury, the major cause of aging
  • Hydrates

Founder's Formula Wild-Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum is also formulated with Waratah Extract (Telopea speciosissima) which intensifies the antioxidant activity, and Finger Lime Caviar Extract (Citrus australasica), itself a rich source of Vitamin C, that is also naturally high in Ferulic Acid and helps stabilise the Vitamin C in the serum.

With continued use Wild-Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum prevents new dark spots from forming and fades brown spots without altering normal skin pigmentation. Vitamin C improves pigmentation by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps to prevent melanin production.

Vitamin C helps reduce skin issues caused by UV exposure such as redness, signs of sun damage (such as pigmentation and collagen loss).



Use 1-2 drops on a clean face each morning under other skin care. If you have not previously used a Vitamin C Serum we recommend initially applying 1-2 drops 2 to 3 times per day for the first few days until the cells' reservoir of Vitamin C is filled. After this, Vitamin C in cells has an approximate four day half-life and only 1-2 drops top up each morning is needed.

IMPORTANT: The skin will only absorb as much Vitamin C as it needs. Using high % Vitamin C serums may irritate the skin and will NOT force the skin cells to take in more Vitamin C than is ideal for good skin health. If your skin is dull and dry, or your nutrition is poor, and you are concerned that your skin needs higher amounts of Vitamin C, we recommend you use your Vitamin C serum on clean skin twice a day.  A little applied more often is better than a high % applied only once. Learn more about the myths and risks of high % Vitamin C Serums.

If you are using more than one serum in your routine, it is fine to mix them together and apply as one. Skin can multi-task and each serum has targeted benefits and will not cancel out the other. After serums, always follow with moisturiser and/oils to maintain skin barrier function.

Always finish with an SPF+50 in the mornings.


The Clinical Studies

'Gloss value' is the scale used to measure changes in skin luminosity. The average improvement in gloss value in clinical trials of Kakadu Plum Extract with 20 volunteers with an average age of 37 was 17%. On the best volunteer, Kakadu Plum Extract was shown to induce skin luminosity up to 21% after 15 days and up to 30% after 30 days.



Kakadu Plum fruit contains not only synthesised and isolated ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) but comes with a complementary mix of bioflavonoids and wide range of antioxidants beyond just ascorbic acid, that occur together in nature and together combine to enhance the formula's efficacy.

The presence of bioflavonoids may assist the transport of Vitamin C, while the presence of additional types of antioxidants enhances antioxidant activity. Kakadu Plum has an extremely rare antioxidant profile.

Kakadu Plum is a desert plant meaning the harsh growing conditions force the plum to develop a highly efficient defence system using a range of diverse antioxidants.

Importantly, Founder's Formula Wild-Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum also contains insoluble fiber which helps to stabilise the Vitamin C and makes it easier for the skin to tolerate ascorbic acid.

Founder's Formula Wild-Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum also contains insoluble fiber which helps to stabilise the Vitamin C and makes it easier for the skin to tolerate ascorbic acid.

The insoluble plant fibre is one reason why the Founder's Formula Wild-Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum is more suitable for sensitive skins than other Vitamin C serums. Synthetic forms of ascorbic acid are not naturally buffered and can be very harsh on sensitive skins.

For these reasons results can be better from a natural Vitamin C serum than with a serum formulated with a synthetic Vitamin C powder, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

Nature truly is better. 

Review the evidence from Clinical Trial results.


Storage: To extend the life of your Founder's Formula natural oils and serums, store in a cool, dry, dark place, preferably a fridge.

Suitable for All Ethnicities and Skin Types.

Fragrance-Free. Vegan. Never Tested on Animals.

Certified Organic/Spray-Free/Wild-harvested.


Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propanediol, Wild-Harvested Terminalia ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) Fruit Extract, Citrus australasica (Finger Lime Caviar) Fruit Extract, Telopea speciosissima (Waratah) Extract, Organic Natural Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Sodium Hyaluronate.

(Sodium Levulinate is a 100% natural preservative obtained from starch and vegetal inulin and Sodium Anisate is a preservative naturally derived from fennel.)

pH 4.5

Please Note: Approximately 1 in 50 people are sensitive to Vitamin C.  Founder's Formula Wild-Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum is a natural, very potent extract which has been found to be far less irritating than the synthetic forms of Vitamin C used in other formulas. Many people, (including our Founder who has ultra-sensitive skin!), who are usually unable to tolerate Vitamin C serums and face products, find Founder's Formula Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum is less likely to cause irritation. One reason for this is that the insoluble fibre in the fruit extract buffers the ascorbic acid. Another reason is that the other phyto-nutrients retained in the extract provide calming and soothing protection. We have also formulated the serum in a base of organic Aloe Vera, which provides additional buffering, calming and soothing. However, if redness or irritation occurs, wash face with water immediately and stop use. Apply Aloe Vera or CALM Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry Serum to quickly calm.


Best Clean™ 2021 Organic Beauty Award Winner





ASIA Global Makeup Awards 2022



UK Global Makeup Awards 2022

BEST 50+ anti-aging PRODUCT

Founder's Formula Wild-Harvested Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Serum

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